Project Overview

As our first proper post, we'd like to introduce to you the main concept of our idea, and how we perceive it to work:

An Arduino Nano is located at each water outlet in the home, connected (directly) to a water flow meter. This Arduino is connected via radio to a Raspberry Pi - the hub. Through radio transmissions, the Arduinos will write their data from the flow meter to XML files saved on the hub; the RPi will interpret the data, display it on a local website, and provides tips as to how to save water. This website could be configured (via port forwarding on the router) to be available outside of the home - through either a plain public IP address, or a hostname (using dynamic DNS or a static public IP). We would like the water-saving tips to be powered by an AI system; this is definitely the most challenging part of the system to develop.

For a preview of the locally-served website, please see

All of our code is available open-source on GitHub.


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